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Why Meat Republic?

Straight from our heart:

We understand that meat is not just a fancy food, rather a more personal and wholesome experience. Our motto is to make quality and hygienic meat and frozen foods available to one of the largest meat eating communities in India, our North Eastern sister states.

What we Sell: We are a 'Hygienic Raw Meat and Frozen Foods SuperStore', and the we try to make available just about everything meaty, you might crave for!

Ranging from the finest raw meat to specialty cuts, to a variety of cold cuts and the widest range of frozen foods, we are just excited to meat you soon!

Why Meat Republic? Simply because we don't just mean to sell, we intend to eat too.

Meat sourcing and quality control outrank everything else in our priority list. The farms that rear our animals are monitored extensively, and slaughter is always hygienic. Post that, right temperature control helps us retain the freshness of meat until it reaches your kitchen.

Lets meat, soon!

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